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Silstep Support-soles 300

Silstep Support-soles 300

Silstep Support-soles 300


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Article code: SILSTEP-300

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Support Insole
The Silstep 300 silcones 3/4 support-insole is an anatomic shaped elastic insole which the body weight pressure regulates en absorbes shocks.  A spreading foot longitudinal curve is integrated to support the forefoot additional. The blue parts are relieving pressure points that reduce the pointpressure.  It’s an universal insole and could be worn in every shoe. Silstep silicones are made from special medical silicones and are skin-friendly. These silicone orthosis is available in 6 sizes.

The Silstep 300 3/4 Silicones support-insole with spread footrest (T- cushion) could you use with:
- Sore feet
- Rheumatic complaints
- Rhabilitation after foot surgery
- Spreading feet
- Sagging forefeet
- Diabetic feet
- Pain under the ball of the foot
- Sharp pain on top of the forefoot
- Calluses and corns underneath the ball of the foot
- Knee and Hipjoint
- Spine
- Overload phenomena by work or sport

Silstep Silicons are:
- Non-irritating
- Skin-friendly
- Shockabsorbing
- Shape-retaining
- Odor free
- Long-term support and comfort
- Easy to Clean (soap)
- Anatomic Shaped
- Treating them with talcum powder optionally

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Sizes (kids)
  • 35
  • 36-46
  • Silicone
  • Skin friendly
Insole for
  • Comfort
  • Damping
  • Arch support
  • Heel support
  • Middle foot support
  • Support
  • Relief