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Silstep Heeltalonet 900

Silstep Heeltalonet 900

Silstep Heeltalonet 900


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Article code: SILSTEP-900

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The Silstep Silicone toe spreader provides protection against abrasion of the toes and has a remedial effect. It promotes the correct position of the toes by a gentle and constant pressure. It is comfortable by the elasticity, suppleness and thanks to its soft surface. This Silicone orthosis is available in a universal size.

Silstep 900 Silicone Teenspreider could be used to:
- Stand Deviation Big Toe (Hallux Valgus)
- Protection of Toes
- Correction of Toes
- Corns and Press Reviews
- Flat or Splayed
- Chronic Sensitive Reviews, Lumps

Silstep Silicones are:
- Non-irritating
- Skin friendly
- Shock-absorbing
- Shape Conservatory
- Odor-free
- Long-term support and comfort
- Easy to clean (soap)
- Anatomically shaped
- To deal with talcum powder if necessary

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