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Silstep Heeltalonet 400

Silstep Heeltalonet 400

Silstep Heeltalonet 400


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Article code: SILSTEP-400

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The Silstep silicone haktalonettes are ideal for protecting the area calcaneus (heel bone) against excessive pressure, even on the heel side. The Silicone haktalonettes (heel cushions) provide a clear relief the ligaments, muscles and tendons (for exmple the Achilles tendon). Even pressure and cushioning reduce load peaks. The blue dots in the heel cushions are relieving pressure points. The heel cushions are anatomically shaped and can be worn in any shoe (including running shoes). Silstep silicones are made ​​of special medical silicone and are skin friendly.

Silstep 400 Silicone Haktalonettes can be used to:
- Irritation of the Achilles tendon
- Heel spur
- Myotendopathie
- Arthrosis of Leap
- Knee and Hip Joint
- Degenerative disorders
- Spine
- Leg length difference
- Overload phenomena by Work or Sport
- Valgus or varus Heel

Silstep Silicones are:
- Non-irritating
- Skin-friendly
- Shock-absorbing
- Shape-retaining
- Odor-free
- Long-term support and comfort
- Easy to Clean (Normal Soap)
- Anatomically Shaped
- To deal with talc possibly

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